Aaron, Gerhard’s eldest son, joins his father in managing the company. He is also a journeyman carpenter who achieved much success during his schooling. His accomplishments include receiving first place in Alberta on his provincial apprenticeship exam, and third place in his fourth year. After spending several years working on framing, finishing, concrete work, and design, Aaron currently spends most of his time supervising various jobsites. He puts extensive effort into ensuring construction on each project progresses in a timely manner and is completed to Brost’s quality standards. In addition to his extensive hands-on building experience, one of Aaron’s most valuable skills is his ability to “picture” and create the unique requests of each customer. Whether it be a one-of-a kind ceiling, floor pattern, or other facet of your home, Aaron has the resources and contacts to ensure that your vision comes to life in your home. Aaron takes great pride in working in his family’s business, and strives to ensure that it exists for generations to come.


Contact Aaron:

Email: info@brostdevelopments.com
Phone: 403.526.5004