Gerhard, the owner of Brost Developments, immigrated to Medicine Hat from Germany in 1974, and has been a resident ever since. While the company was not initiated until 1995, his building experience extends back to 1974, when he began his apprenticeship as a carpenter. Shortly thereafter, he worked alongside his father in both commercial and residential construction. For nearly two decades, Gerhard has been employed as a hands-on carpenter and brings his wealth of experience into designing and managing the construction of Brost Developments’ executive homes. The pride of owning of his own company extends to the pride he puts into making sure every home and project is completed with the highest standards. Gerhard personally strives to help make his customers’ building wishes and dreams come true, while still maintaining the integrity of each client’s budget. Gerhard favours having customers from various stages of life to help ensure that no two Brost Homes are exactly alike. Moreover, he is not afraid of a challenge and will bring to your home or office even the most unusual request. Gerhard has a great passion for building quality homes and is confident that he can build a home that is perfect for you.


Contact Gerhard:

Phone: 403.526.5004