Nehemiah Construction Ministries Charity House

Brost Developments Inc. is once again privileged to partner with Nehemiah Construction Ministries to build a home located at 448 Somerside Place to support the work of this remarkable organization.  Focusing on providing safe drinking water to the people living in the Turkana Desert in Africa, this ministry has impacted thousands.  Women who once spent entire days fetching water now have a well a short distance from their village.  Communities once ravaged by water borne disease now drink clean water without fear of consequence.  Families who struggle to find food now have access to flourishing gardens, and these are only a small sample of the different ways this organization has impacted this area of Northern Kenya.  All profits on the sale of this home will be donated to Nehemiah Construction Ministries to help further their great work.  This home is scheduled for completion and purchase July 1, 2014.


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