How do I finance the purchase of my custom built home?

When you choose to build with Brost, we have a variety of options available for financing the build of your home. We understand that how a customer decides to finance their home depends on their individual financial situation and preferences such as whether you have to sell your current home, the value of the home you want to build and/or the finance requirements of your bank. With Brost Developments, we will customize a financing solution for you whether through our ability to finance “in-house”; through directing you to a local broker familiar with construction financing; or by us working closely with your lender of choice.
Does Brost only build high-end executive-style homes?

Brost Developments has gained a reputation for being the builder of choice for a person who is looking to build a large, intricate home. Having said that, we thoroughly enjoy working with clients of every budget and don’t feel that quality and energy efficiency should be reserved for only one segment of our society. Whether you want to build a starter home, duplex or find yourself on a strict budget, we at Brost can help you realize your dreams of owning a comfortable, quality home that doesn’t break the bank.
How long does it take to construct a typical home?

This is one of the most common questions people have when venturing into the custom home building process. Because of the area we live in there will always be environmental factors that can have an impact on the timing of construction activities however once the blueprints are finalized, the land purchased and permits have been approved, the typical timeline to build is 7-10 months. This number can vary depending on the size and specifications of your home.
How much do you charge per square foot?

We often comment that pricing a home by the square foot is like pricing a car by the pound. The final price is depended upon the options, features and quality of materials used in the making of the end product, not its size. In today’s building environment, there have never been more choices available when building your home. Just a few examples are energy efficient products, custom built elements, exterior finishes, interior finishes, fixtures, etc. When truly building a custom home, every “square foot price” is unique to that home and we would be pleased to meet with you to discuss pricing, we offer no-charge consultation and quotes. Whether you already have your own blueprint or just a list of ideas, we can work together to design a home that meets your budget.
How important is energy efficiency and the environment?

Due to rising energy prices and a changing building code landscape, building energy efficient homes has never been more important. We are a Built Green certified builder who takes energy efficiency seriously as not just a marketing tool, but considering it at every turn throughout the construction process. As such, we are knowledgeable about energy efficiency options available and have experience with determining their value for the homeowner. We consider what is involved in keeping our homes comfortable throughout the diverse seasons we reside in Southern Alberta and can offer recommendations on energy efficient options that will make your home the most comfortable to live in, while minimizing your impact on the environment.
Do I need to provide my own architectural plans?

We love to work with our customers to design the home of their dreams. Whether starting with just an idea, one of the blueprints we have already constructed, or a plan you’ve seen on-line or in a magazine, we have the knowledge and in-house drafting capability to work with you to design a home that suits your needs, wants and budget.
What choices do I have in the finishes and materials in my home?

When we say that we are a custom builder, we truly are a CUSTOM builder. We want each of our homes to be a reflection of their owner and as no two people are exactly alike therefore no two Brost homes are exactly alike. We have an on-staff Interior Designer who can offer design assistance throughout the building process to select all of your fixtures, colors, cabinetry, flooring, built-ins, etc. In keeping your budget in mind, we will provide cost updates regularly to ensure that a proper balance is maintained between your budget and design choices.
Is there warranty on Brost homes?

Firstly, at Brost Developments, our guiding principal for backing up our work is the satisfaction of our clients, not a written warranty or government mandate. Having said this, effective February 1, 2014, the Alberta government has legislated that all new homes constructed within the province will be required to have the following warranty coverage:

  • 1 year materials and labour warranty
  • 2 year delivery and distributions systems warranty (typically plumbing and heating/cooling)
  • 5 year building envelope warranty
  • 10 year warranty on major structural components

At Brost Developments, this is business as usual. Our warranty provider, Progressive Home Warranty, has been offering a 10 year warranty for many years meaning we have been in compliance with this new law long before it was even considered. While some providers have traditionally offered 5 year warranties, we see this change to 10 years as being the “right thing” to do and is in the best interest of all consumers. For more information please visit the Progressive Warranty website at

Do I need to insure my home while it is being constructed?

Brost Developments insures every new home project from the time construction begins until the day we hand you the keys meaning you don’t have to worry about that expense.
Do I have to purchase my own lot?

At Brost Developments, we build many homes on customer-owned land, whether it is a City lot, county acreage or family farm. We also realize that coming up the financing to purchase land prior to construction is not feasible for everyone. In certain cases we are able to purchase a lot that you may be interested in to facilitate the construction of your dream home. In addition to this we occasionally buy lots that we view as prime pieces of land and then hold those lots to be able to offer them to a potential client who may not have the ability to buy the lot themselves. We would be more than happy to sit down and talk with you about your individual needs and custom-tailor a solution that is right for you.
Does Brost do renovations on existing homes?

Yes! Brost Developments has a renovation division that works exclusively with those clients who would rather fix the home they have than build something new. We provide free consultation and quoting and have ample experience with anything from minor cosmetic fixes all the way to additions and full re-developments of both residential and commercial properties.
I’ve seen an amazing product that I would like to include in my home but it is from a supplier who Brost doesn’t do business with. Am I restricted to using your suppliers only when selecting finishes for my home?

At Brost Developments we specialize in “custom” and realize that our typical trades and suppliers may not be able to fill every need or want. We work with an incredible trade and supplier group that has access to almost everything but if you have a request that isn’t easily found we will do everything that we can to source it from wherever we need to. Additionally, you will be pleasantly surprised with what our on-staff team of skilled carpenters, painters and designers can create for you.
Does Brost provide driveways, landscaping and/or fences?

At Brost, we don’t discriminate against jobs that aren’t a “typical” part of a new home build. We are more than happy to include the level of finishing that you desire. From a home only, to a home with driveway and all the way to a fully developed, turn-key property, we are more than happy to be your contactor.