Custom Home Building 101: Steps 1, 2, 3. Click for details.
Custom Home Building 101, Steps 4, 5, 6, 7. Click for Details.
Custom Home Building 101, Steps 8, 9, 10. Click for Details.
Custom Home Building 101: Steps 11, 12, 13. Click for details.

Step 1: Establish Your Wants and Needs

  • Assess your current living situation

  • List your future home’s “must haves” (bungalow vs. 2-storey, no. bedrooms, etc.)

  • Visit the different areas where lots are available to determine which area you would like to live

Step 2: Determine Your Affordability

  • Meet with your bank or other financial institution to determine what your financial limits are and what home value you are most comfortable staying within. Click the links to view a handy mortgage calculator tool which will help.

Alberta Central Mortgage Calculator
Servus Mortgage Calculator

Step 3: Meet With Brost Sales Team

  • Design a floor plan

  • Discuss home specifications

  • Review lot availability, sizes and prices

  • Discover personalization features

  • Begin learning what it means to build a truly custom home

Step 4: The Contract Process

  • A preliminary budget/contract amount is prepared

  • Discussions with the Sales team to ensure home specifications and budget amounts are properly balanced

  • Determine how the construction of the home will be financed

  • Finalize lot location

  • Prepare blueprints

  • Review and revisions to blueprints

Step 5: Contract Signed

Step 6: Construction Preparations

  • Lot purchase and preparation

  • Blueprint approval

  • Permit applications

Step 7: PreConstruction Meeting

  • Meet with sales consultant and project supervisor to discuss details and options on your home

  • Watch as the vison for your home begins to take shape

Step 8: Commencement of Construction

  • Now the fun begins… digging the hole is just the beginning

Step 9: Starting the Design Process

  • Our design team will contact you to meet and start making your design choices


  • From electrical walkthroughs to determining fireplace layouts and tile patterns, we walk with you every step of the way. Our full staff including accountant, construction manager, designers and even our owner are available to you at any point to help ensure your home is your dream home

Step 10: Pre-Possession Planning

  • Line up homeowner insurance

  • Ensure financing is in place for possession date

  • Contact utility providers to have utilities transferred at possession date

  • Contact lawyer to prepare closing documents and title transfer

Step 11: Finalizing

  • Final listing of contract modifications presented

  • Warranty application prepared

  • Quality inspection review by project manager

  • Final city inspections

Step 12: Possession Date

  • Walk through and new home orientation with project and site manager

  • Home 100% complete to customer’s satisfaction

  • You get the keys to your new home!

Step 13: And Beyond…

  • Communicate any questions or concerns with your home to Brost Developments

  • We will contact you throughout the first year to perform both formal and informal follow-up tasks and ensure that you are loving your home

  • One year walk-through is performed and final deficiencies are completed. That isn’t the end of the relationship. We say at Brost that “once a Brost customer, always a Brost customer”, know that we are always here to help you

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