At Brost Developments, our experience over many years has led us to many advanced building technologies that bring you a high quality home, maximizing your dollar value now and in years to come. When we discuss the use of advanced building technologies we mean that the home works as a system of a sum of its parts. Everything from site orientation, building materials, HVAC equipment, windows, plumbing and onsite practices of careful construction are all a part of how a Brost home is designed and carried out.

Although all Brost homes are constructed in this manner, Brost Developments has partnered with the Built Green and Energuide programs to set specific targets in home construction, with some projects estimated to conserve 30-50 percent in energy usage. Built Green teaches builders how to use the latest technologies to ensure higher durability, lower environmental impact through energy efficiency and increased comfort in your BUILT GREEN® home. Brost has achieved much success through these partnerships which involve third party certification to prove the results.

Owning a green home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any luxury just to be environmentally conscious. Built Green ensures that any home with a BUILT GREEN® Certification comes equipped with advanced technologies that create optimal living environments within the footprint of a regular home. BUILT GREEN® homes are affordable and beautiful, making them a perfect choice for everyone in the market for a new home. First time buyers, new families, and long term investments!

Ask us how we can put our knowledge and experience to work for you. The possibility of a high quality, energy efficient, yet affordable home may be much closer than you think.

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