Get to know our Team

Gerhard Brost

Gerhard, the patriach of Brost Developments, has grown our company from the foundation up to the position it is in today. We don’t want to age him, so we’ll just say he comes with multiple decades of experience in the construction industry.


Gerhard learned the art of construction from hands on work and now brings his wisdom to the design table of the company. He will work with you to come up wtih a plan for your special porject that is both mindful of your lifestyle and respectful of your budget.


Gerhard is known for saying that it is always best to build it right the first time, and instills this value to our team that we put our best skills forward on all work that we complete. He truly wants all of our customers to love their home when they move in and be confident that its durability is unmatched. 


Aaron Brost

There are people in this world who were born for their vocation and Aaron is one of thos people. Right from earning his journeyman ticket, Aaron was an award-winning carpenter that had a passion for swinging a hammer, distinct design and pushing the envelope.


Aaron brings almost two decades of home building and design experience to the team and has had his hands on every step of the construction process. he is a driving force in our Building Forward initiative, never satisified with the status quo. 


He is a committed member of the local CHBA and sits on the BILD Alberta Technical Committee. he is the background driver and bird’s eye view of all of our projects, ensuring that the Mission of our company is steeped into every single one of our projects. 

Tim Brost

Born from a long lineage of carpenters, the trade runs through Tim’s veins. He has a keen ability to solve any construction problem, which we have coined as “Timgineering”. 


When he is not solving challenges, you will get to know Tim after the completion of your home or renovation. We don’t believe that the relationship with our homeowners endds when they move in, and as such, Tim is a dedicated member of our team whose focus is to ensure everything in your home looks and works perfectly from the day you move in and beyond. He is easily accessible to answer any questions you have in operating your new home or correcting any imperfections.

Hilma Brost

While we have a team of carpenters committed to ensuring our projects are built with integrity and quality that lasts, Hilma’s design expertise makes them breathtaking. 


With a passion for design, Hilma will draw out your style and help you translate that into a space that is unqie to you. While many individuals have great taste, Hilma has the talent to pull all of the different elements together from paint to tile to flooring to cabinets and all of the details in between.


We will never leave you alone to navigate the jungle of design decisions, and Hilma will jump in teh backseat with you to make the journey unforgettable. 

Victoria Leis

While spreadsheets aren’t for everyone, they are an

enjoyable part of the day for our resident bean counter. 


While earning her accounting stripes in public practice for over a decade, Sherry made the transition to the family business some years ago to look after the management functions of the company.  


So if you have questions about your billings, want to engage with our social media, or if you have a non-construction question (she’s leaving those for the experts), Sherry is here to help our customers as they Build Forward. 

Mike Liboiron

While still young, Victoria is full of enthusiasm to develop her knowledge and experience in all facets of the construction industry. 


Victoria works for you behind the scenes making sure all of the proper permits and approvals are in place to get your project going as smoothly as possible.  With a keen interest in the design side of our projects, Victoria will also work one-on-one with you in helping make various exterior and interior design choices. 


Building a home or completing a major renovation can be overwhelming, but Victoria will keep your project planned and organized so that no details are overlooked. 

Mike Liboiron

Once you have commit to building a home with Brost, Mike will take charge in making sure the construction is done to our highest standards and in a timely manner. 


Mike will be there to answer any questions you have about your new home build and guide you through making various mechanical and finishing decisions along the way. 


Mike comes with over 20 years of experience and is committed to making sure you have confidence that your home is built perfectly for you. There is no request too big, too small or too unusual for that matter that Mike can’t bring to life.

Thomas Shaw

If you have decided to renovate your home or office, you will have the pleasure of working with Tom.


Tom brings over 15 years of carpentry experience to help you recreate your spacce to fit your personality and lifestyle.


Always up for a new challenge, Tom will lead his crew to complete your project within budget and on schedule and he has A LOT of fun while doing it! 

Ty Peters

While relatively young, Ty leads his renovation projects with a depth of maturity.


Knowing when to tackle a project on his own or call for reinforcements, Ty’s hardworking and trustworthy attitude will give you the confidence that your renovation is done right. 


Ty not only carries the respect of his crew, but he will quickly gain yours as well as you work together to make your renovation come to life. 

Our team has the pleasure of working with people in various stages of their life. Whether it is the couple starting out with their first home, the family moving up to a larger space, the couple looking to renovate their “fixer-upper” or the lucky individuals planning for their dream home. 


Each stage is excting, and it helps to ensure we never tire of our role as a builder.


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