If you’ve ever built a custom home, you’ve been there. You’ve picked something that you loved, like a unique granite pattern or an awesome siding colour, only to find out that it wasn’t originally quoted and will result in the dreaded “upgrade charge”. This does happen and is something that you need to prepare yourself for when entering a custom build. Now, what if you made that same discovery but only on an item that you feel really should have been included?

Not all builders are alike, in fact, the new home building industry is as diverse as any other industry out there and has very little standardization. When you really examine it, the only standards by which the residential industry is governed are the Building Code and various Warranty Provider’s published standards. Neither of those aforementioned standards gets into the finer features of a custom home. At Brost Developments, we have created a standard specification that is with few equals within the residential industry. For example, we pay close attention to the vapour/air barrier in the home ensuring that every home exceeds Built Green standards for air tightness. We start you off with the top of the line windows, often including coloured frames and triple glazing. Our flooring, cabinet and finishing allowances mean items like hardwood, tile, upgraded carpet, granite, upgraded cabinets and custom fireplaces are a standard, not an extra charge.

Could you imagine negotiating your best price for a new car only to find out that the floor mats, gas cap, windshield wipers and cup holders are all an extra charge? Unfortunately, the equivalent happens in the custom home industry every day. You may find it surprising but often things like humidifiers, low E glass, pot lights, fireplace fans, garage heaters and even something as small as garage door openers are not included. While taken alone, none of those items are too costly but they can really add up. A builder who doesn’t include the above will often also not be including a whole laundry list of items that we wouldn’t even consider leaving out here at Brost.

Finally, do you want to know what is included? Just ask! Our sales and construction team at Brost would be happy to walk through the entire building specification with you one item at a time and explain to you what you are getting. Our goal is to have satisfied customers every time, and that starts with meeting your expectations as closely as possible for what your home should include, right from the start.