Lot for Sale: Coulee Ridge Phase 1 – Lot 39

This spacious lot located in the new Coulee Ridge development gives you the freedom to build your dream home with stunning lake views.  From a bungalow, to a split level or a two storey, we will work with YOU to design a unique home that reflects your style, lifestyle and fits within your budget.

Price: $157,896

Front Width: 50.0 ft  /  15.24 m

Rear Width: 50.0 ft  /  15.24 m

Length: 131.2 ft  /  40.0 m

Area: 6,562 sf

Walkout: No

Lane: No

Pond View: Yes

Coulee View: No

For additional information on the Coulee Ridge Development, check out their interactive website.

For more information on building in this new area, contact our office at info@brostdevelopments.com or 403-526-5004.


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