The Essentials series of Brost homes features smart and simple design.

These are homes made to fit all of your needs without a lot of excesses. We see so much versatility in the homeowners who choose from our Essentials portfolio. People from all stages of life can picture themselves in these homes, from young couples just starting out, to empty nesters, and those who those who just enjoy uncomplicated living. All of the basic spaces that you need are designed into the Essentials plan and it is up to you how much you want to dress them up or keep them minimal. Homes in this portfolio generally have a smaller footprint which gives them more adaptability to where you can build. Essentials homes can be built anywhere from a typical city lot to spacious Dunmore lots to a Cypress County acreage. Another feature of these homes is that they can be easily modified to increase room sizes and/or modify the garage. Do you like the San Mondale? We have built versions of this plan with a small double car garage to a spacious oversized triple. We want your Essentials home to reflect who you are and where you are at in your life cycle.

Within our Essentials portfolio is our Mill Lifestyle series. These homes were created for those who want a low maintenance home but contains all of the spaces you need to live comfortably. They focus on both indoor and outdoor living along with flex spaces that you can customize for your needs.

While our website features some of the homes we have built over the years, it does not showcase everything. Are you interested in building an Essentials home? Contact us to set up an appointment to discover all of your options and additional plans that we can use as a starting point to create a home perfect for you.