The Upgrade

In your homeowner life cycle, we recognize that you will likely enter a stage where you are looking for a more out of your home. You may be at that place where you are moving past just focusing on your needs, but are now exploring your wants as well. Perhaps your family is growing and you would appreciate more bedrooms. Maybe you are in a stage where you desire to take your entertaining up a notch and fantasize about having a butler’s pantry and a larger island added to your kitchen. Or possibly you just want that spa ensuite escape with the oversized soaker tub that you have always dreamed about.

Looking towards these special little “extras” in your home is what our Brost Upgrade series is all about. Working with our homeowners, we design our upgrade homes to include the bells and whistles that are most important to them. We want your home to be a place of comfort, where you can retreat to every day. Everyone regardless of age, race or vocation, has a unique lifestyle and we believe your home should represent what makes you and your family distinctive.

Our website features a number of signature Brost Upgrade homes that you get a feel for. These homes can be a starting point for us to work with you to personalize your home. However, you may have been envisioning for what your home will look like and you have a completely different layout in mind.  Regardless of where you are at, we invite you to sit down with us so we want to bring your picture to life.