What’s This Home Really Going to Cost Me?

One of the biggest questions we hear from people when building a house is “What will this home really cost me in the end?” In our industry, there are different approaches to creating contracts and billing extras. We like to ensure homeowners compare apples to apples.

At Brost, we believe in listening to our homeowners’ right from our first conversation and pricing the home they envision. Our sales team will go through our comprehensive Brost homeowner checklist to ensure we understand what they want in their home. We do our best to include everything from the start to avoid extras down the road. Our allowances are based on discussions and we provide valuable details in our contract and specifications to ensure everyone is on the same page when the dotted line is signed. The customer experience is a priority for us and we believe transparency is key for a positive relationship.

Over the past number of years, we’ve tracked the value of our extras. For homes valued at $800,000 or less (construction costs, no land), our average extras as a percentage of the contract are less than 5%. So, while we may not provide the lowest quote at the start, we likely provide the most competitive value on possession day which offers our homeowners the comfort of knowing what their home will really cost right from the start.

For all of our new home customers, we use a handy app that tracks the progress on your home.  This personalized application allows you to communicate directly with your Brost site supervisor, see photo updates of your home and allows you to track any extra costs being added to your home, among many other features.

Do you want to feel comfortable with knowing what your next build will cost you? Contact our team at Brost, we’d love to chat.