2023 BILD Medicine Hat Builder of the Year

2022 BILD Medicine Hat Renovator of the Year


The Brost Developments team is a group of professionals connected not only by family but by a passion for innovative design and unmatched attention to detail. A home is personal for us, and we take building your home very personally. 



Our team has the pleasure of working with people in various stages of their life in southern Alberta. Whether it is the couple starting out with their first home, the family moving up to a larger space, the couple looking to renovate their “fixer-upper” or the lucky individuals planning to build their dream home. 


Each stage is exciting, and we never tire of our role as a builder – Always building forward with you.




The Burbank 

With a small footprint and a big personality, the Burbank is a refreshing home style for those starting out or individuals who want to simplify life in Medicine Hat or the surrounding area.


2 bedrooms + 2 1/2 baths 


The Delano 

Inspired by mid-century, this sleek home with a gourmet kitchen will be the envy of all of your friends. Upgrade your home in Medicine Hat or surrounding area.


4 bedrooms + 2 1/2 bath 


The Langley

A character home built for families who love to cook together, play together, and relax with one another. Build your Dream Home in southern Alberta.


3 bedrooms + 2 1/2 bath 



  •     The Essentials  
  •     The Upgrade    
  •     The Dream Home    
  •     Renovations    
    The Essentials  

Starting a new journey.

When the opportunities are endless in our minds. 

When it is time to start out in home ownership or want to simplify, there are many things to consider and our team at Brost Developments is happy to help with those options to get you into The Essentials. Whether it is a shared home option or a single-family dwelling, we work with you to ensure you are happy with your decisions. The Essentials option is also ideal for the individual(s) wanting to downsize or live a more minimalist lifestyle. 

We build forward with you.

    The Upgrade    

Time to upgrade. 

When circumstances have changed and it’s time to grow.

When your needs for a home change you may start to consider an upgrade. The Upgrade could be a larger space to live in or perhaps a space that ensures the rooms you spend the most time in are customized for your needs. Whatever the reason for your upgrade, our Brost team is happy to assist you with designing and constructing your upgraded space to offer you the ability to build forward. 

    The Dream Home    

A dream come true.

When it’s time for every detail you’ve been dreaming of. 

Have you been saving magazine clippings and pinning ideas for as long as you can remember? Is it time to bring all of those ideas to life and start building The Dream Home? Our team at Brost is excited to be a part of this dream with you and help make it come true. 

We are ready to build forward with you.


When good becomes great. 

When it’s almost perfect, a renovation is ideal. 

Sometimes we have a space that speaks to us in almost every way. Perhaps it is the perfect location, or that character home that has so much charm, but it may just need some special touches to make it feel your own.

Our team at Brost is thrilled to have the ability to make something good great and we look forward to the opportunity to renovate with you. 

2023 BILD Medicine Hat Builder of the Year

2022 BILD Medicine Hat Renovator of the Year